How about a DJ Service?

If your thinking about getting into the music industry. Opening a DJ Service is great way to get involved and provide a ton of entertainment. Here are a few things to consider if you decide to jump on it!

Selecting the entertainment for an event is one of the most important decisions a planner will have to make about their special day. Their event is a unique reflection of celebration and desire to share a fun memorable time with others. As a DJ you must love music and enjoy working with all types of people to create a fun, successful event. An upbeat attitude and professionalism is what sets apart everyday service from excellent and memorable events. To help you organize, customize and personalize each event make sure and have an on-line event/ wedding and music planning form available to your clients throughout your planning process.

Some top tips for a successful DJ business include:

1) Sit down and plan your business approach and make sure you produce a solid DJ Business Plan

2) Market your DJ company with flyers and DJ business cards which you can get printed locally or from an online source. Flyers and business cards represent a cheap way of getting lots of exposure for your business and should not be overlooked at any cost.

3) Understand your local market – contact other local disco or entertainment agencies to see what they offer and how much they charge.

4) Try to secure a quick initial contract with a venue so you can satisfy yourself that you have now launched the DJ company.

5) Be professional, Courteous and make sure you turn up at booked events at the exact time.

6) Money is very important so try to get advanced deposit bookings and get the money upfront if at all possible.

7) Make sure that your equipment is in working order and you have any necessary electrical equipment test certificates as required

Most business people will tell you that half of the success of their business is through initial hard work but the remaining 50% comes much easier as word of mouth spreads about your business spreads and you continue build upon a solid, reliable, trustworthy and enviable reputation. OK, so we know that running any business is not a breeze but having said that most people who start a DJ business or entertainment agency actually enjoy the process and with this comes big rewards.