An Entrepreneurs Story

This is a great example of what it really takes to start a business from the garage if you will. After the previous posts discussing the essentials to starting a business and the areas one might get into the music industry we had a gentleman reach out, Brandon, he owns a local business and has found a unique way to enter the music industry.

Through his reply which I will paraphrase a bit he talked about his journey starting his local gutter service business in Boise, ID. After years of learning the craft and working his way up through someone else’s gutter business, he ventured on his own. He knew he had the skillset to work with gutters but he would learn a whole other skillset over the couple years. The skill set of an entrepreneur. The late nights working to better the company and the long days either working on gutters and marketing his company.

As he put it “Man I wish someone had given me a roadmap and checklist”. He wasted numerous hours on things he had no expertise in. He didn’t properly setup his business and paid the price the first year on taxes. That is just another reminder to read our previous post on the key things to consider. Also a reminder that as you grow it is important and much more cost effective to outsource some of your various tasks to professionals in that trade.

So Brandon had learned a ton his first year and now is a very successful gutter contractor in Boise Idaho operating Gutter Boise, check out his site and some of his gutter services at  One of his specialties is working with copper rain gutter systems. Installing repairing and maintaining them. Brandon has a passion for music and teaching his kids the fine art. Interestingly enough he has recently started making copper flutes and xylophones.

He said “I had so much scrap material I had to find something creative to do and this just fit my passion.” He described his process of forming the copper and the unique sound he has been able to create. He even has them being used in his church and a few others in the area.

That’s how it all starts folks!

He found a creative passion and figured out how to turn that into something that makes money. He will even admit he is a long way from making this a large company, but, he is excited to get started and has been able to get his family involved in music and business.