How about a DJ Service?

If your thinking about getting into the music industry. Opening a DJ Service is great way to get involved and provide a ton of entertainment. Here are a few things to consider if you decide to jump on it!

Selecting the entertainment for an event is one of the most important decisions a planner will have to make about their special day. Their event is a unique reflection of celebration and desire to share a fun memorable time with others. As a DJ you must love music and enjoy working with all types of people to create a fun, successful event. An upbeat attitude and professionalism is what sets apart everyday service from excellent and memorable events. To help you organize, customize and personalize each event make sure and have an on-line event/ wedding and music planning form available to your clients throughout your planning process.

Some top tips for a successful DJ business include:

1) Sit down and plan your business approach and make sure you produce a solid DJ Business Plan

2) Market your DJ company with flyers and DJ business cards which you can get printed locally or from an online source. Flyers and business cards represent a cheap way of getting lots of exposure for your business and should not be overlooked at any cost.

3) Understand your local market – contact other local disco or entertainment agencies to see what they offer and how much they charge.

4) Try to secure a quick initial contract with a venue so you can satisfy yourself that you have now launched the DJ company.

5) Be professional, Courteous and make sure you turn up at booked events at the exact time.

6) Money is very important so try to get advanced deposit bookings and get the money upfront if at all possible.

7) Make sure that your equipment is in working order and you have any necessary electrical equipment test certificates as required

Most business people will tell you that half of the success of their business is through initial hard work but the remaining 50% comes much easier as word of mouth spreads about your business spreads and you continue build upon a solid, reliable, trustworthy and enviable reputation. OK, so we know that running any business is not a breeze but having said that most people who start a DJ business or entertainment agency actually enjoy the process and with this comes big rewards.


An Entrepreneurs Story

This is a great example of what it really takes to start a business from the garage if you will. After the previous posts discussing the essentials to starting a business and the areas one might get into the music industry we had a gentleman reach out, Brandon, he owns a local business and has found a unique way to enter the music industry.

Through his reply which I will paraphrase a bit he talked about his journey starting his local gutter service business in Boise, ID. After years of learning the craft and working his way up through someone else’s gutter business, he ventured on his own. He knew he had the skillset to work with gutters but he would learn a whole other skillset over the couple years. The skill set of an entrepreneur. The late nights working to better the company and the long days either working on gutters and marketing his company.

As he put it “Man I wish someone had given me a roadmap and checklist”. He wasted numerous hours on things he had no expertise in. He didn’t properly setup his business and paid the price the first year on taxes. That is just another reminder to read our previous post on the key things to consider. Also a reminder that as you grow it is important and much more cost effective to outsource some of your various tasks to professionals in that trade.

So Brandon had learned a ton his first year and now is a very successful gutter contractor in Boise Idaho operating Gutter Boise, check out his site and some of his gutter services at  One of his specialties is working with copper rain gutter systems. Installing repairing and maintaining them. Brandon has a passion for music and teaching his kids the fine art. Interestingly enough he has recently started making copper flutes and xylophones.

He said “I had so much scrap material I had to find something creative to do and this just fit my passion.” He described his process of forming the copper and the unique sound he has been able to create. He even has them being used in his church and a few others in the area.

That’s how it all starts folks!

He found a creative passion and figured out how to turn that into something that makes money. He will even admit he is a long way from making this a large company, but, he is excited to get started and has been able to get his family involved in music and business.   

Starting a Business Requires Motivation and Persistence!

Today want to discuss the essentials of starting a business. There are limitless essentials to starting up your own business. If you want to make it out in the big world then even if you are scared or if you disagree with what type of value business holds, it is important to know that just because you think something is important does not actually mean it is important. Which is why the previous post covering due diligence is so important. You have to determine the market and the potential success of your product or service. Being in a business is not easy and it is fairly rough and challenging at most, if not all times. This type of struggle can do many things to a person, and one trait in particular is motivation.

  1. The motivation an individual can acquire from hardships is something that is very remarkable to see, and many people would say that this very trait is also essential to starting up your own business.

Now by motivation we are not saying be happy and all that type of jazz. We are saying you need a physical drive that is deeper than just getting rich. You will need a force that even when the money isn’t coming in you know that this will provide for you, your family and all of your loved ones. Motivation definitely is one key factor to getting what you want out of life in general.

     2.   Persistence is something that will determine how far you go. If you are not persistence in your business, then it is just a sign that you did not really want the life of a business owner and maybe you should find something else that you actually enjoy spending your time on.

Having persistence is not a genetic trait some have and others do not. No persistence is a habit, and habits are learned and trained. If you are serious about growing your business, then you will take the steps necessary in gaining persistence such as daily activities you hold yourself to each and every day. Even if those daily tasks are small steps at least you are making progress in the right direction. Persistence is a major factor in success, no matter what keep moving forward.

We want you guys to be successful, and we also do not want to see any of your businesses fail. We know that it can be really tough and scary starting your own corporation, but rather than looking at the challenges, keep your goals and vision inn mind. Focus at all the benefits you will acquire once your company pans out and becomes successful. You will definitely be in a different place! We hope this article of starting your own business has been helpful, and we wish you guys all the best.



Business startup guide- Key things to consider

Starting any type of business can be a daunting task and a business in the music industry can have its unique challenges. Since last post was about different areas to consider in the music industry, I thought it would be a good follow up to include some basic things to consider when starting any business. By preparation and thorough planning you will protect yourself and your business below are a few things to consider.

Due Diligence:

It is important to do the proper research a number of areas when entering a market along with the proper planning. This will help you achieve success and identify any threats or challenges you might face on your journey.

Business Plans are a bug part of due diligence and an important first task when starting a business. Recently Forbes published a great article on 10 essential business plan components, check it out here

Business Name:

The name you choose for your business can have a big impact on building your brand. You can set the tone of your brand through the name rather spiffy or professional. This will be the first thing people see about your company both off-line and on-line and along with the tone it should describe or allow people to associate your product or service with your name.


Before jumping all in to creating your business you should know how your going to fund it and fund yourself as you get it off the ground. A good rule to go by is to have six months of personal expenses covered before committing full-time to your new business. That being said there are a number of ways to fund your venture such as investors small business loans and self-funding. Even without a stack of cash many businesses where started through shoestring budgets and while the entrepreneur held their day job until they could afford to step away.

Hire an attorney:

I know you’re thinking you might not need to hire an attorney for your small music business and maybe not. However, it is always a good practice to have an attorney help setup paperwork and contracts for your product or service. They can also guide you on the correct business structure and get those documents setup with the proper agency.

Hire an accountant:

Accountants are a great resource for any company big or small new or old. They will make sure your books are in order and help you strategize on funding and business planning. Many times they can help in similar areas as an attorney with business structure and registrations. Utilizing an accountant instead of an attorney may save you some money as well.


Setting up independent banking accounts for your business is a very smart thing to do from the start. This will help you keep business and personal fuds separated. An important lesson for every new entrepreneur is that the business but survive on its own and must be feed first.

Web Presence:

This day in age having a web presence for your business is crucial. You should have a great website that describes exactly what you do with examples of your product or service. Beyond just a website, you need a good social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, G+, Yelp and Four square to name a few. These are tasks you can easily do yourself or look for a qualified business to handle for you. As you get started it might be a good idea to handle some of these yourself. However, as you grow you need to focus on what makes you money and your passion. O, hiring these tasks out will ultimately make sense as it takes a lot of time and expertise to master ones web presence.


These are just a few suggestions we hope you find helpful as you consider starting your music business.  If you have some more suggestions, please visit our contact page and send us a note.


See you next time

Music Industry Niche Ideas

Starting a business in the music industry can be daunting with all the choices of the specific niche or area you want to operate in. As with any business venture there is always the due diligence into the market and the planning one should undergo. Likely, you have a good idea about what your passionate about and what type of business you would enjoy operating. Needless to say you don’t have to love the niche you plan to enter but it absolutely helps for your long-term sanity 🙂


 Here’s a partial list of niche opportunities you might consider.

Performer- if you have the skills to make it in this obvious arena then by all means rock on!

Writers- The majority of performers don’t write their own music and with the right training and talent you just might be writing chart topping hits.

Recording- With the advance of technology recording has become more and more challenging. If you can learn how to operate and optimize the recoding of music performed by artists you can absolutely make some serious coin.

Touring- Setting up and managing tours can be lucrative as well. It takes a very meticulous person to setup plan and execute a successful tour for any type of performer.

Public Relations- Are you good at promoting and talking to the masses? This might be a great avenue for you to venture. Many times artists need to build their image and brand within the community and a great PR person is invaluable to that process.

Advertising- There is numerous opportunities within advertising from a boutique local advertiser to a national or even global advertising agency. An advertising agency might consist of talented individuals in content creation, graphic design to photography just to name a few disciplines. If you have the team building skills to bring it all together this might be a great fit.

Choreography- Every performance needs a good plan this makes the artist look polished and ultimately put on a great performance. If you can envision the artist either on-stage or in a music video and their supporting performers and how to create a dynamic experience this might be a great choice.

Attorney- Yes, you will either need to be an attorney or go back and get your law degree. But say you do, every major band and performing artist will require your service in one form or another. This might be a longer road for you to ultimately own your own business or law firm, but the payout can be massive.

Agent- almost every major performer has an agent or someone responsible for booking their gigs and getting their name out in the community. If you have the connections and the hhussle this could be a very good opportunity. It’s not for the faint of heart as there is a ton of competition.

Personal Assistant- I know what you’re thinking really a personal assistant? Yes, but likely on a larger scale than just serving one artist or group. If you can figure out the intricacies of assisting one performer you can train other to do the same. You could essentially have a personal assistant business, providing high quality personal assistance to many different artists.

Security- Again you could operate as a sole operator providing security for one main group. However, once you have the system down you could also easily grow and provide security professionals to a number of performers or venues.

Music Teacher- Even a solo piano teacher can make a decent living from their home or studio. We are seeing a number of larger more comprehensive schools open across the country providing teaching in numerous musical disciplines. If you have a passion for teaching and music this is an excellent avenue to pursue.

Instrument Work and Retail- Everyone needs a musical instrument, well at least we think so. There are the national retailers which have the bulk of this business. But through a more boutique local model I believe someone with the right passion could make a very good living retailing, working on and repairing musical instruments.

Instrument development- This could be a really fun area to explore. We are seeing more creative instruments with unique sounds being used by the big time artists. Although the market is much larger than the main stream musicians it leads us to believe that with a creative design and unique marketing, there is plenty of room for this category to grow

Software Development- I believe one of the biggest areas of growth on the next 10 years will be in software created to track and disperse royalties. We see this type of technology in cryptocurrencies now known as block chain technology, which can accurately track where that currency has been etc. This is starting to catch on in the music industry to combat piracy, but is still in its infancy and will be ultra-lucrative.    

These are just some examples of arenas one might consider building a business in within the larger music industry. Although not necessary, I would urge you to find an area that gets you excited and your passionate about. Starting any type of business is tough, and even tougher in a highly competitive industry such as music.

I hope this got some ideas flowing and we look forward to your feedback.

Until next time Rock On!  

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